What is “Comunidad Rodante” ?


The “Comunidad Rodante” is a nomadic community of like-minded people, from across the face of this fair planet, traveling overland looking for alternative projects, communities, eco-villages and agents of change, with which we can integrate the generating of bilateral growth. Attending to the needs of the place where we are based and accommodate to the human and material resources which we have together. The collective itself offers an endless number of opportunities for the places it passes through to benefit from. We also run daily internal workshops, exchanging our personal skills and experiences, with which we can share the knowledge we already have with all our travelling sisters and brothers. Allowing us all to have even more in which we can share with the world in the future. These workshops will also be on offer to the local communities in which we are visiting, giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge in teaching alternatives to conventional building methods and techniques for ways to live lighter on the earth, with our life’s primary mission to be leaving a better world for the next generation to enjoy. ‘The world was not given to us by our Grandparents, but loaned to us by our Grandchildren’ Kahil Gibran PLEASE DONATE FOR THE COMMUNITYBUS: http://www.betterplace.org/en/projects/28453-comunidad-rodante )